Voices in Heaven 


                                                                                             ...Dedicated to the Lord, Jesus Christ

Pendant Pewter
Pendant Turquoise and leather
Pendant Pine Cone
Pendants gold colored mtns and Explore
Pendant light green Maple Leaf
Pendant Round Deer and Rabbit
Pendant Round Squirrel and Owl
Pendant Love Believe etc


       Handcrafted faux Leather Tags were made with great attention to detail by my friend, Peter in the UK.  Peter is a highly respected and specialist nurse in  the UK's NHS. When not hard at work, he pours his passion into making custom crafts, and one of the rare few that does so without being driven by money. 

       These tags will help whisper a reminder of the origins of the needles gathered from underneath the beautiful, tall and proud Ponderosa Pine of Montana!

Thank you Peter for your beautiful work! 

**  You can locate Peter's shop

by clicking on the PHOTO of the tags, to the left

Tags - Make your basket a step more special by adding a custom tag.

Yellow Tigereye 6x10mm Rondelle

Gun Metal Colored "Pewter" (zinc-based alloy) 10x26mm Hollow Center Piece with Heart and Swirls.

Synthetic Azurite 6x8mm Rondelle Beads

Marble Purple Matte Sodalite 8mm 

White Marble Howlite 5x8mm

Faceted Rondelle

Chinese Jade 6x10mm Rondelle Beads

Beads - Below is just a sample of available beads

Pendants - Sample below with more available  

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