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In Select Theaters - Dec. 1 & 2, 2021


Christmas Special coming only to select theaters hopefully near you!  This special presentation, on the big screen, will have performances from some top Christian artist, and a special episode of The Chosen will be shown (see trailer)!

Song Below:   Joshua chose to use the same location that was used for Season 2 of The Chosen in his music video. 


Dallas Jenkins created this first ever multi season TV series based on the life of Christ.  This is the World's largest crowd funded media project of all time!  This does not replace the Bible, as we each need to seek HIM first through building a relationship through reading His Word, prayer, and worship.  However, this is a beautiful glimpse into how the relationships could have been, that surrounded the Lord while He walked this earth. 

There are eight episodes in Season 1.  Season 2 Episode 8, season finale, was released 7/11/21.  Season 3 was intented to be filmed in early fall, 2021.  However, Dallas has said he hasn't been able to do his part with the writing process of Season 3, so they have fallen behind.  The scripts won't be ready like they hoped.  Also a delay happened as they needed a permanent home for The Chosen.  As much as they loved the set in Utah, they knew having a permanent location would be best.  He and his family are moving to Texas and have already started construction on sets, including a 30,000 Square foot sound stage!  This will give them more freedom and flexibility.  Dallas is hoping to shoot season 3 in 2022.  Download the app to view all available episodes.                                                           Romans 8:25  But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.

The Chosen - Series

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