March 6, 2016  - Gary Smalley, an author of 60 books, marriage counselor,  president & founder of Smalley Relationship Center (among so many other accomplishments) passed away.  He was a giant in marriage and parenting. Married for 52 years to Norma. All three of their children are heavily involved in marriage counseling.  They offer Hope & Healing, just as their father did so successfully well!


Pastor Levi recently released a book titled Swipe Right.  It's the life and death of sex and romance. I hope you're able to pick up a copy. 

Now, if you are a FLORIDA person, then you may want to stop by Orlando and visit "The Holy Land Experience!"  This place makes the Bible come to life with incredible actors/actresses who depict Bible men/women.  I have yet to visit there myself, but plan to get there as soon as we can.  It is a place that children would enjoy as well.  Jan Crouch, from TBN, has spent a lot of time recently redoing the children's area. 

There are live shows constantly and when you walk away from it, I hear it's like you feel like you've been taken back in time!  Please visit this link to view an incredible video::

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